Why Raise Funds With Us?

Coffee is 96 billion dollar industry in the United States and is projected to grow to 142 billion by 2030.  A large portion of this revenue is from coffee made at home.  You don't have to give people a reason to buy coffee.  So when you tell them why you are raising money and that they can also get some great coffee the answer is clear.  We are also partnering with a local bee farm to bring fresh honey and bee's wax lip balm and wax melts.  That is why our fundraiser stands above the rest.  Where other fundraisers money goes toward large corporations.  When you raise funds with us those sales support local farmers, local businesses and funding mission efforts across the globe.
Not only is it easy to raise funds with us.  Your group gets to have a customized coffee label with your logo, team name, or mission statement.  Also your groups top seller has an opportunity to win some great prizes depending on how much coffee you can sell!!  

Let's work together.

Let us know who you are what you are raising funds for and when you want to get started.